A cheerful Welcome to CDer's and other Progressives!

These are living collaborative pages created by you in the same de-centralised spirit of Wikipedia. There is no censorship at all, just restructuring by the group. Of course, if you are hawking status quo positions of The Powers That Be (TPTB) expect to have pro-One Percent positions frequently modified or countered. Main Stream Media Corporate Story lines that this brainwashed world is already up to it's ears in, is not what Progressive Pages are about. Progressive wikipages are about Alternative non-corporate viewpoints.

You can have your own page, as a regular at CD or other sites and put whatever you want on it. You can make a constellation of pages if you wish. This saves you a lot of typing and repeating yourself in the comment boxes at other sites. Each page is an independent spot on the internet (unique URL). So your page is yours. The generalised subjects on the main page are a group effort and will frequently change as new insights and info are posted.

Ask for a personal page, and I will make it appear on the main page. Then, just type content that you are impressed with and save it. Don't worry about formatting. That can be done later.




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