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on Why the World Bank Shies Away From Energy Efficiency 08/11/13 10:42 AM
According to Jack Perkins, ridiculous expenditures that promise to radically improve 3rd world nations' energy infrastruture are part and parcel to how loan agreements are generated. These are expertly designed to tie the nations' hands. Once these loans are secured, all sorts of "coalitions of the willing" ensue.
Renewable energy systems in contrast allow for energy independence. That would cut profits, diminish initial debt-loads, and alter the unfair balance leveraged by these deals executed by State Department chameleons. These creeps promise progress while selling covert forms of indentured servitude to naive rulers of developing nations.

on The Expert Testimony of Tianna Gaines-Turner 08/09/13 08:13 AM
Thank you, Mr. Kaufmann for your commitment to the issue of poverty in America. I would add community gardens to the list composed by Ms. Gaines-Turner.
With so many young people out of work, a government that was not in the hands of the Ayn Rand devotees would use all that latent man and woman power to improve the lives of persons in need, rebuild the cities, and green the nation's infrastructure. Instead, the funds go to idiocies like arming local police departments, building up a border fence against Mexico, and planning yet more wars, prisons, and endlessly fueling (via think tanks and a Captured Media) the punitive mental constructs that make both possible.

on Freedom Rider: Tar Sands Hell in Detroit 08/09/13 08:05 AM
The slow collapse of U.S. infrastructure, added to the silent degradation of aging nuclear plants, added to the recent Fracking "gold" rush that's impacting so many states, added to the rapidly shifting fluxes of fire outbreaks, tornadoes, floods and droughts… all spell HORROR for the integral web of previously secure ecosystems.
More and more the dynamic becomes that of the natives (anyone wishing to protect their community from deadly resource exploitation) versus the colonists (the corporations). And we know that the rules serve the latter, as does the Supreme Court, the majority of paid-off politicians, and the think tanks that work hard to convince some of the public that policies of rampant ecocide somehow meet the objective of national security.
Margaret Kimberley is right… Detroit is just the poster child for what could happen to any community, apart from those that belong exclusively to the 1% club.

on Hiroshima's Legacy—The Obsolescence of War 08/09/13 07:36 AM
The tragedy is that the "peaceful atom" in its adaptation to nuclear power is currently generating the same toxic effects as those produced by Nagasaki & Hiroshima. I am referencing the abominable leak of radioactive water into the Pacific at Fukushima. Many of us sensed that this was going on before it was ever reported. The collapse of the nuclear plant's would-be protective infrastructure made this outcome inevitable… in part, given the flawed design of the G.E. plant altogether.
There's a reason why radioactive substances were buried deep under the earth's crust. With these materials unearthed and used in both warfare AND nuclear power, the deadly genii has been let out of the bottle and the reverberations continue. Genetic roulette is now a feature throughout this vibrant sphere's biological menu…

on Spectator Wars 08/08/13 09:44 AM
The system self-selects those who fit the latter. It's the same with politicians… no one who would honestly serve the needs of The People at any expense to the 1% has a shot at a media platform or a major office. Anomalies are dealt with, accordingly.

on Spectator Wars 08/08/13 09:42 AM
Yes. The post makes the viewers into the deciding agent and that would be true IF the motive were merely what the public wants as seen in consumer polls or sales indices. The media is the chief agency necessary for the type of propaganda that supports the make-war state. THAT is what's going on. Corporate profits are secondary… they come with the purchase of the same politicians that make war a certainty.

on Spectator Wars 08/08/13 09:37 AM
If this were the only goal, there would not be a ruthless witch hunt aimed at reporters who report what's actually going on; that is, what departs from the Official Narratives being catapulted by the privileged embedded mainstream news "journalists" and pundits.
There would not be a full-scale scrutiny of citizens, deliberate legal obfuscations that prevent the public from knowing what's in its food, or a reckless defiance to what's left of EPA (and Clean Water standards) in letting the Frackers loose to undermine natural resources in states from sea to shining (or should I say irradiating) seas.
It also would not have given rise to the NDAA or the loose wording that equates environmental activism with "eco-terrorism," etc.
This goes WAY beyond corporate profits. It's an insidious lock-down on Civil Liberties beginning with a rabid creep around the edges and working its way to the core.

on Spectator Wars 08/08/13 09:32 AM
"In point of fact, we the people are not at war. The militarized government and the corporatocracy are at war, and they own the media, which, in its reportage, assumes and thus continually strengthens the illusion that the government is a separate, independent entity, empowered to pursue its interests – which are the same as our interests – however it sees fit. And the peace movement, in all its multiple manifestations, remains on the social margins."
Spectator nation, or otherwise, at least Mr. Koehler has cast a light upon the chief fiction: that what small elites with unlimited military backing do, is not consistent with what WE The People want.
Nonetheless, the usual "bash voters/citizens" posters have reliably shown up to make sure the blame can be safely deflected onto We the people… without media or responsible courts or a workable justice system or honest political representatives or policies that aren't designed by ALEC/Koch Brothers/Pete Petersen/Wall St, etc.


There is a concerted Christian THEOCRACY movement that mistakes the enforcement of its inordinately narrow ethos for freedom. This well-organized societal sector is pushing for the cessation of Women's reproductive rights, vigorously supports the (Christian) charter school movement in ways designed to defund public education, and its overrall generally punitive ideology finds its way into anti-terrorism/Muslim" campaigns in addition to a gargantuan prison-industrial labyrinth, added to hundreds of other "Father Knows Best" style authoritarian controls, contexts and protocols.
It may not be politically correct to point this out, but the narrow-minded bigotry tied falsely to God's alleged will fuels the mental distortions that have made history's redundant carnage and unending bloodbaths possible. Yeah, it deserves mentioning…

Siouxrose −
Do you really think the issue is whether the duopoly can "persuade" Americans to give this up? If the elites use their muscle and "lawmakers" follow the usual marching orders, what difference does it make whether or not citizens are "persuaded"?

Were citizens "persuaded" to back Obama care? Most would prefer a system of everyone in, no Insurance middle man or endless streams of paperwork.

Were citizens 'persuaded" to back the bankster bailout?
Decisions are made and IMPOSED on The People. Where possible, media talking heads repeating the Necessary Talking Points added to PR agencies catapulting the propaganda create the illusion of the consent of the governed.

And woe to any reporter/journalist/whistle-blower who dares to contradict those Official Narratives.

Sure, people could gather for protest, but we've seen how the armed muscle of the Homeland Security guardians came down on OWS. We've seen a few people die in mysterious accidents. We know that the NDAA is largely in place to do away with pesky, principled activists.

Citizens may have power IF they collect in great numbers, but let's be honest here: the matter is not about how effectively the public can be swayed. That's an "accessory after the fact."
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GreenwichAvenue Siouxrose • a day ago −
This is what so scares the RW as they know very well from their own polls that liberals would knock out the MIC/intelligence budget — they've often repeated that belief —
and they're right.
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htfd Siouxrose • 20 hours ago −
Think MoveOn and the constant spread of Democrat talking points put out by this group. That is why it was so amazing that MoveOn broke from this routine over the Syrian invasion, they did not support Obama or his gang of DINO's. It happened once and it will happen again on Social Security and Medicare cuts. It will be a stand your ground issue and Obama will have to accept that people don't want Chained CPI in any shape or form.

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