Testimony for Rita

As you progress through life there are often people who say or do things that shift your perspective in ways that forever alter you for the better. Sometimes these shifts are small other times they are monumental. My friend Rita Corriel has been someone who has helped me, in a very short time, to learn things about myself in ways I'd never imagined possible. Monumental does not even begin to accurately describe how she's helped me.
Rita is unique in that she is both a licensed psychologist and an intuitive trance channel. She is able to straddle both worlds and give me helpful information that consistently resonates true to me at my core.

Her uncanny ability to hear the vibration of my words and immediately understand what I need to hear is unlike anything I've ever experienced. During my time speaking with her she has helped me to identify, understand and transform deep patterns in my being that were not serving my betterment. Her ability to see an imbalance in me and immediately make very practical suggestions about "actions" I can take to help transform it have helped me to make changes at a very core level and that continue to affect me each day.
Specifically, her process of "giving a voice" to emotions that need to be released has helped me to release old traumas and the behavior patterns related to them. As I use her process, I feel a lightness.. a clarity in physical and emotional body. As I continue to clear and transform these old energies, I am left with a renewed space inside myself. It is as if vitality is returning to a once congested part of me.

I have come to learn that as I am able to transform these old energies, the more I am able to access my "true" self.  The more I do it, the easier it is to feel inspiration and the more alive I feel. Her contribution to the betterment of my life is something I am forever grateful for.

—Jim Donovan
Award winning teacher and founding member of the band Rusted Root

Sample Entry:

Actually, TJ (good to hear from you as always, btw), that is a very essential question and we actually have aspects of ourselves in alternate universes in the 'now'.

As I understand it, the 'current moment point' is infinite - space wise. And time is basically memory. So, there we have space-time. I have meandered around the idea that an event horizon is the moment of infinite probabilities. But I believe we are at that point every moment. Probabilites are a big deal. The laws are as true for human experience as for atoms.

Einstein said that God doesn't play dice, and what I would love to tell him is that there are laws that govern probabilities. It still isn't exactly 'playing dice'.

I have been told that we can shift our parallel reality, or move into alternates, and in a sense we do it every time we make a choice about something. The idea is to make choices that are creative and break our usual patterns, in a constructive way, of course.

So that would imply changing some basic beliefs us humans have been sort of stuck in from the earliest part of our evolution here. If you would like to hear more later, just let me know. It is a good for me to write about this as well……A win/win. ;-)

ยท "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Albert Camus

And to take it a step further….."The freer you become, the more creative you can be. And that is what is needed at this moment more than ever." Rita


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Another sample:

"Submitted for your approval. The CEO of Tepco, a man who has made a pact with the devil…….

He, along with several other transnational executives have created a highly secretive team of eminent scientists and engineers to work around the clock on human cloning.

What he doesn't realize quite yet, is that the worst laid plans of mice and men often go astray - A truism which reaches beyond the dimensions of time and space into………..
The Twilight Zone. :-)

Episode 199: Codename: Escape Plan No Exit.



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