New Users Start Here

Congrads, you made it!

For now just email me what you want posted and I'll stick it on your page. It will be crude at first, but we can doll it up later. Make sure it has carriage returns, (return or enter after each paragraph.) Some cut and paste won't do that and it makes impossible headaches later. You need to test out a simple word processor or text editor (not MS notes; too simple) and see if it will pass the cut and paste correctly to your email. Then email it to me and we will go from there. (remember that formatting like bold, italics etc, probably will be lost unless you test this extensively. That's why on the on-line world, we don't use those much. Save frequently.

If you type directly into the email program, that will work, but it's risky (you may lose work, if the crap hickups.)

Use Google images search, and pick out a pic you like. Copy the address and email that to me. Wikipedia is best since there's no copywright problems. But the supremes have ruled that an Avatar is O.K. so anything should be fine. Alternatively, tell me what kind of image you want and I'll do that for you.

Don't worry about technical frustrations. We will walk you through the process.



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