US/CIA, in best traditions of using "religion" pro or con
as a tool, set up and funded Taliban/Al Qaeda via
ISI-Pakistan — and were still funding it after 9/11.
This plan, as explained by Carter's Brzezinski, involved
the US going into Afghanistan 6 months before the
Russians … "in order to bait the Russians into Afghanistan"
… "in hopes of giving them a Vietnam-type experience."
Which certainly worked out that way for the US.
Remember Carter taking US out of the Russian Olympics
because he was so "shocked" at their invasion of

Meanwnile, US/CIA — or is that now CIA/US? — is still
using AlQaeda* in Syria and Chechyna.

  • Al Qaeda was an ancient and dormant organization

picked up by the Nazis and turned over to US/CIA at
the end of WWII.

PS: Also, US created, printed and shipped into ME
those very violent Islamic textbooks which US-TV showed schoolchildren in Afghanistan reciting and chanting
There are many articles on this, here are two —




The most important thing to remember about all of
these conspiratorial operations by CIA/US is that
CIA/US also carries out these operations in US,
including control of our press.

Basically, this was a Nazi-like plan based in CIA anti-left goals
which carried forward Operation Gladio's widespread efforts to
allow only RW governments to take control — an operation put
in place at the end of WWII.

Protecting private control over oil was a major concern,
though by this time, of course, oil was a "national security" issue.
No oil/No war. Military uses 80% of our oil.
See: "Three Days of the Condor"

Doesn't take much imagination to understand that — as Malcolm X
cautioned us — these CIA operations were also brought home to US to keep liberals/progressives out of power … by any means necessary.

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