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My 1975 'Cooling World' Story Doesn't Make Today's Climate Scientists Wrong


As part of being responsible, caring human beings, we have to pressure our government to take major action to stop the degradation of the biosphere from climate change. This is causing death and disease to both domestic animals and wildlife, all of which have done nothing to deserve such a horrible fate at our hands. It's time to eliminate the excuse our fossil fuel loving oligarchy uses for "resources" wars for oil that bring nothing but misery to us and profits for them.


I started a petition on Care2: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort. I'm hoping that if enough people sign my petition, we can make a difference. I have 340 signatures. Will you help me collect more by adding your name?

Care2 Petition to Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort to be delivered to the White House in September of 2015 computer3.gif

Thank you and please pass it on. The biosphere you save may be your own. treeswing.gif

Fossil fuel Government Video Clip from "The Age of Stupid" Video:

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Today the standard has been adopted by all countries in the world except the United States and Canada

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Lockheed Wave Power



How Global Warming causes temperature and weather extremes despite increasing average temperature - A Meandering Jetstream

The U.S. Army Put a Nuclear Reactor in Greenland

In 2013, for the 37th consecutive year, global temperatures were higher than average

Nissan LEAF Global Sales Reach 100,000. NV200 van will be on the market this year (2014).

Boeing Discovers Promising Biofuel At $3 Per Gallon

Transforming Business Waste Streams to Evironmentally Friendly Products that also Reduce Costs: VIDEO

Renewable Energy cheaper than fossil fuels in Africa WITHOUT subsidies! Video

Older Trees Grow Faster huhsign.gif

Taters Ain't what they SHOULD BE...

Allegedly banned in 1992 after forty years of ocean dumping, NOW they pump it out to sea through pipes and have the brass to claim it's "land based" so it's "okay"! WTF!? NOW it is NOT inside steel barrels, it just goes straight to the ocean (two areas, one in England and the other in France, are shown to produce cancer clusters).

Plutonium is in the fish. It's spreading along the northern coast of Europe. It doesn't "dilute" in the ocean as was hoped (and still WRONGLY and MENDACIOUSLY claimed by the nuke pukes).

Fukushima is just increasing the worldwide oceanic concentration of these radioactive poisons.

Observe the English Government officials willfully turn their backs on the English citizenry afflicted by cancer. All this is for the "glory" of nuclear power (i.e. a certain amount of "health" issues are "acceptable" for the conveniences that nuclear power brings to the citizens of England).

Insane, brazen, greedball bullshit is all it is. d2.gifnuclear-emoticon.gif

Nuclear Waste Disposal Documentary

The Door to Hell

Don't Believe the Dirty Lie

They told us: Whatever you are most afraid of doing vis-a-vis white people, go do it.

Uranium - Is it A Country? Video Documentary

World’s most endangered big cat is also super, super adorable: Video

IT'S ABOUT TIME Homo SAP started using and storing energy like the biosphere does (i.e. releasing all electron charges stored in the sugar solution slowly step-by-step by using an enzyme cascade)!

While Abengoa's parabolic concentrating plant in Arizona is more than twice the size, Solana can only store energy for six hours. Chili's plant will be able to produce energy without sunshine for a very impressive 17.5 hours.

Mystery Rock 'Appears' in Front of Mars Rover

Mekong River Mystery: Fireballs caused, according to legend, by a Mythical Serpent Creature from the River

Science proves Junk DNA is NOT junk!

How to recycle a wrecked Tesla Model S (half price!) into a VW Stretch EV Camper

There are four primary reasons Cannabis is illegal.

Largest Power Company in U.S. Joins ALEC in Plot Against One State’s Solar Revolution

Cesium-137 is a threat to human health

How Mushrooms Can Clean Up Radioactive Contamination - An 8 Step Plan

Federal Reserve May Start WWIII

Stranglove Stanley Fischer is the POINT MAN for this NUCLEAR WAR! STOP HIM!

My Favorite Hydrocarbon

Isn't it incredible how solar went from a technology that could never generate an appreciable amount of power to a technology that is bad because it steals profits away from utilities and disrupts the standard revenue pattern?


Predatory Capitalism Fueling Pollution Defending Orwellian Circular Logic in China

My favorite HYDROCARBON!


AIPAC’s Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer, former Head of Israel's Central Bank, Thesis Mentor of Bernanke and Overseer of Yellen, on a Warpath Against Iran!

Is Stanley Fischer the New Dr. Strangelove?

Dreaming REALLY BIG on Renewable energy

See REAL TIME wind patterns any place on the planet!

Thousands of tons of radioactive waste into Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New Jersey FOR MORE THAN 15 YEARS!

How to reduce building energy costs by 90%: Learn from the Termites!

DE-EXTERNALIZING fossil fuel pollution costs. California leads the way earthhug.gif

300+ Groups Urge Climate Scientist Dr. Hansen to Rethink Support of Nuclear Power

How Big tobacco plotted with Malice and Aforethought to Lie us into Polluting Flame Retardants that Increase our Cancer Rate, Tobacco profits and Chemical Corporation profits.Incredible-Hulk-animated-animation-male-smiley-emoticon-000342-large.gif

Texas Supreme Court Favors Landowner Over TransCanada in Keystone XL47b20s0.gif

Wind Energy Helps Ward Off Power Outages

Untraceable funding to attack climate change has increased at the same time that publicly traceable funding from major industrial donors has decreased

Marvelous Azolla has been with us since the Cretacious Period (Dinosaurs!)

Milky Way Galaxy Has Four Spiral Arms, New Study Confirms

NREL: 23% Of Global Electricity Generation Supplied By Renewable Sources in 2013

Outrageously Positive Renewable Energy Growth Prediction!

The Fossil Fuelers are going HATE this plan to make New York State 100% powered by renewable energy by 2030! That's even ahead of my 2035 (less than 100%) prediction! Excellent! earthhug.gif

Examining the feasibility of converting New York State’s all-purpose energy infrastructure to one using wind, water, and sunlight

a b s t r a c t

This study analyzes a plan to convert New York State’s (NYS’s) all-purpose (for electricity, transportation, heating/cooling, and industry) energy infrastructure to one derived entirely from wind,water, and sunlight (WWS) generating electricity and electrolytic hydrogen. 9735563-smiling-sun-showing-thumb-up.jpg

Under the plan, NYS’s 2030 all-purpose end-use power would be provided by

10% on shore wind (4020 5-MW turbines),

40% off shore wind (12,700 5-MW turbines),

10% concentrated solar (387 100-MW plants),

10% solar-PV plants (828 50-MW plants),

6% residential roof top PV (5 million 5-kW systems),

12% commercial/ government roof top PV (500,000 100-kW systems),

5% geothermal (36 100-MW plants),

0.5% wave (1910 0.75-MW devices),

1% tidal (2600 1-MW turbines), and

5.5% hydroelectric (6.6 1300-MW plants, of which 89% exist).


The conversion would reduce NYS’s end-use power demand 37% and stabilize energy prices since fuel costs would be zero.tuzki-bunny-emoticon-022.gif

It would create more jobs than lost because nearly all NYS energy would now be produced in-state. 47b20s0.gif

NYS air pollution mortality and its costs would decline by 4000 (1200–7600) deaths/yr, and $33(10–76) billion/yr (3% of 2010 NYS GDP), respectively, alone repaying the 271 GW installed power needed within 17 years, before accounting for electricity sales.

NYS’s own emission decreases would reduce 2050 U.S. climate costs by $3.2 billion/yr. 301.gif

2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

So is all of this just crazy and unrealistic? Consider some facts about the impressive growth of solar energy of late:

A solar energy system is now installed every four minutes in the U.S., according to GTM Research. By 2016, that’s projected to be down to 83 seconds.

According to the Solar Energy Industry Organization, the price of a solar panel has declined 60 percent just since 2011.

Walmart is now producing more solar power at its stores than 38 U.S. states.

The producers of this study have stated they will ALSO soon publish a 100% Renewable Energy Transition Study for EVERY OTHER STATE! maniac.gif

Mark Ruffalo wants you to imagine a 100 percent clean energy future

Shoot 'em, Shut up and Shovel 'em is the sick, twisted and cruel mantra of Government funded Predator "Control" that ends up killing countless domestic dogs and non-target raptors and even some livestock!

Poisons that have been illegal for decades are being used by the government!

Please spread this video of the secret government WAR on wildlife everywhere to stop this horror as soon as we can. Natural predators like mountain lions and coyotes aren't the problem, BIG AG is the problem!

GRAT Socialism for the RICH

Smart people in Canada and California are leading the way

Save money! If you or your dog need a calcium supplement, make it from eggshells!

High-quality eggshells contain 27 essential microelements but they’re mostly composed of calcium carbonate, a form and structure that’s very similar to our bones and teeth.

How to Make Eggshell Calcium

Hybrid Electric BIG Trucks are HERE

400 MW Chinese built Dam in Ghana Completed

Thought Experiment: Sea Level When the Earth Stops Rotating

More Scientific Proof that Bacteria DON'T "EVOLVE" antibiotic resitance!

SunPower and Ford Team on Gridless EV

Mushroom mycelium to replace styrofoam

Advancing biological diversity was the path humans were on UNTIL the POWER STRUCTURES in society decided to reverse this trend into the unsustainable direction of REDUCED biological diversity in order to CONTROL humans and increase corporate profits. Greed is bad; greed is destroying the biosphere. VIDEO

Woke Up (Video)

Climate Change: Amazon Becomes Net Emitter of CO2

Honor The Earth: Corporate Dishonor

34,000 seeds per acre of GMO corn grown in fossil fuel based farming from machines to fertilizer to toxic, life expectancy shortening, "High yield" (in weight, NOT NUTRITION) Corn CRAP. VIDEO

Idaho, USA 1961

In 1961 we had a mini-Fukushima in the USA. It was COVERED UP. All the lessons learned were flipped on their heads and the way was paved for present disasters due to nuclear hubris! VIDEO

In 1961 we had a mini-Fukushima in the USA.

Atomic Sailors (No this is NOT about the Ronald Reagan; this is about the USS Calhoun radioactive ship.)

USS Calhoun County sailors dumped thousands of tons of radioactive waste into Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New Jersey FOR MORE THAN 15 YEARS! VIDEO!


Please note that the "primitive" insect above called a dragonfly (found in fossils allegedly over 500 million years old with the exact same morphology as a "modern" dragonfly) is considered PRIMITIVE because it has FOUR WINGS.

However, science JUST LEARNED that it can outfly anything on the planet BECAUSE those four wings are independently articulated for in-phase or out-of-phase wing pattern flight (22% less power required!). This is a box canyon logical bag of worms conundrum for evolutionary true believers. Good!

Science Reveals Dragonfly flight Secrets

13 major clean energy breakthroughs of 2013

Only 4% of the farmland in the US is located in California, even though it is one of the top agricultural producers in the country.

Shock! 1962 by Big Oil Exxon Precursors actually told the TRUTH!

A number of false statements about wind power

Siemens to Supply Turbines for $2.6 Billion Cape Wind Project

NOTE: The ACTUAL descent in REAL wages is WORSE than Depicted because government COLA adjustments are SEVERELY understated (i.e. COLA adjustments have been nearly 10% LOWER than they should have been for over 20 YEARS!).
Alternate Inflation Charts

The American People Need a Raise!


Increasing the minimum wage would not only boost the economy and narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, IT WOULD ALSO REDUCE THE DEFICIT!


Move over Latex, here comes a SUPERIOR plant source for making rubber: Yulex!


Wolf puppies make sounds that trigger lactation in HUMAN FEMALES!


Some Levity to Brighten Your Day

US EPA Nails Fracker With Record Fine

Shakespeare invented the words assassination, uncomforable, disheartened, inaudible and thousands MORE!

Undersea Cables for Offshore Wind AND Undersea Tubine 24/7 Baseload quality Power

Yulex Beats Latex for making Rubber!

"Grids are cheaper than storage facilities.” More grid connections allow surplus power to be shipped off rather than curtailed or stored.

Larger balancing areas reduce the variability of wind and solar across a wider geographic area.

Agora thinks storage will only be necessary when renewables constitute 70 percent of total supply.128fs318181.gifdesismileys_0293.gif

How Wind Met All of Denmark’s Electricity Needs for 90 Hours

3D Tissue Printing will end the torturing of animals for "Science".

Here's a nice video if you want a pleasant diversion. ONLY nature knows how to do creative destruction properly.
Multiple, cascading symbiotic relationships produce a complex web of vital and non-optional events that perpetuate multiple species totally unrelated genetically to each other.780562lvhmtn5nuw.gif

Get some of the money the Koch Brothers have taken from us back in video enjoyment. A Koch put up big bucks for this (no doubt so they wouldn't bad mouth fossil fuels too much! LOL!

New Earth from space video

Iceland to make Methanol Renewable Energy Internal combustion Engine fuel from Volcanoes!

Will Allen is evidence to me that no matter how bad things are, we must always try to make a go of it, not as some quixotic, mindless gesture of futility, but as a function of our existence. We are here for a lot of reasons; one very important one is to make sure others of our species can be here too.

On Fukushima Beach: Must See documentary

Ronald Reagan Radiation Sickened Sailors

For want of 12 Volt batteries, some valves were not opened and one of the reactors went into meltdown.

Gundersen: “Like a horror movie where beast never gets killed… Worst yet to come for Pacific”

Sailor on Radioactive Ronald Reagan pressured into signing a form that said he had been given an iodine pill even though none had been provided!

nuclear-emoticon.gif emoticon-object-015.gif



The following news is NOT a typo! emoticon-object-081.gif

Michigan Conservatives Launch Group to Increase Renewable Energy!

Renewable Energy Displacing Fossil Fuel Baseload Energy

Baby Animals! Cute, Cuddly and MOOD ENHANCING! 128fs318181.gif

Electric Vehicle Pioneer Paul Scott Honored and HOT Nissan Nitmo EV Racer Featured

Sanders Applauds Pope Francis’ Call to Rein in the Tyranny of Capitalism

Profiles in Courage: Representative Alan Grayson

The End Polluter Welfare Act of 2013

Renewables are even more cost effective than expected!

Where Did the Tomato Originate?

Do Many Companies Have Solar Panels on Their Roofs?

Street Fight: LED Street Lighting, the Newest Challenge to Old Utility Business Models

New Way to Kill Bed Bugs

Waste Heat from Cities affecting Weather Thousands of Miles Away

3D Printing of Children's Hearts Requiring Surgery Aids Surgeons

Iowa, already a 25% Renewable Energy, to add more GW of Wind Power

How Does Digital Camera Resolution Compare to the Human Eye?

Homebody Handy Hints

Renewable Energy Biomass Replacing Coal in England!

New Algorithm Helps Cochlear Implants Detect Music

History of Scientific Predictions Based On Status Quo Linear Projections

information theorist Hubert Yockey (UC Berkeley) realized this problem: "The origin of life by chance in a primeval soup is impossible in probability in the same way that a perpetual machine is in probability. The extremely small probabilities calculated in this chapter are not discouraging to true believers … (however) A practical person must conclude that life didn’t happen by chance."43

U.S. Energy Use Projection for 2014-2035

Wind energy becoming cheaper than natural gas

DNA Testing: Do You Have a Right to Test Your Own DNA? FDA Says No!

The Shale-Oil Boom's Dirty Secret

"Statins for Everyone, and Forget Supplements!”
Japanese energy giants rush into storage as solar booms

Electricity Storage Association has publicly praised recent report by the U.S. Department of energy: "noting that it affirms that wide-scale deployment of storage technologies in the U.S. and around the world is critical to maintaining a resilient, cost-effective electric grid"

Major Shipyard Now building MORE Renewable Energy machines than ships!

Gates Foundation Gross Hypocrisy on Claims of being Environmentally friendly and Investing ONLY in Ethical Corporations EXPOSED

The Blind Boy who Saw withOUT Eyes

The Nuclear HYPE about Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) and the TRUTH

Wetlands Going Up in Smoke

The End of Fossil Fuels

Debate with a Fossil Fueler about Wind Power and the future of renewable energy


US versus Germany Exploding Solar Growth!

Offshore Wind Turbine Vendors Unveil Next-Generation Wind Power Machines

1931: Edison Advocates for Solar Energy over Fossil Fuels

Fact Check: IER Finds it Hard to Kick Habit of Attacking Wind Power

Record German Wind Power Lifts Renewable Share Over ’20 Goal

A Terrible Irony: affordable housing saddled with unaffordable energy bills

Let Them Eat Coal?

Two Facilities, One Goal: Advancing America’s Wind Industry

How the Bought and Paid for GW DENIERS push the Propaganda

Find out why the Fossil Fuel Industry INSISTS Fossil Fuel Dirty Energy is CHEAP! 3-051113192052.png

FossilFuel Industry's SECRET MOTTO

How Mosquitoes Are Drawn to Human Skin and Breath

Surprising Discovery: Skin Communicates With Liver

I know some countries think we are crazy, including the British. But now they are building new nuclear power plants with the French and the Chinese. The money they guarantee for every kilowatt hour is more than we pay for solar. Now, that is really crazy.

Crazy Like a Fox (to have rejected Nuclear Power and embraced Renewable Energy 40 YEARS AGO!)

Aluminum recycling

U.K. Wind Turbines Generate Record Power as Gas Plants Halt

Is Shrub Willow a Viable Biomass Feedstock for the US?

Why is Google Funding ALEC? huhsign.gif

Click Here to find out the UGLY TRUTH!

Loathsome List of Externalized Costs, MOSTLY from FOSSIL FUELS and NUCLEAR RADIONUCLIDE POISONS

Rebecca A. Klein is a Defender of Nuclear Power Poisons


Outrageous Water Use from Laundry Loads in the USA

City-Owned Texas Utility Already Serves 40% Renewable Energy


If any part of the monument was deliberately constructed or modified, that must have happened during the most recent ice age, when the sea level was much lower than it is today (e.g. 39 m (130 ft) lower around 10,000 years BCE).

The 10,000 year old City of Yunaguni


View From The Catbird Seat

Profiles in Courage: Adam Falkner

Two Subglacial Lakes Discovered in Greenland

The New Kilowatt Hour Money Standard

FERC Hands Down Key Decision; Solar Growth Explodes in October

Japan Attains 3.9 GW Of PV Installations Since FiT Introduction

Vestas Supplies Refurbished Wind Turbines to Developing World


Boring But Important: Efficiency Standards for Motors Proposed


NYC's Largest Solar Array Tops Closed Landfill

Earth Policy Institute Projects Bike Fleets To Quadruple By 2014, Shared Bikes Increased 10 Fold Since 2004

How Popular Are Bicycles in Europe?

Mens Rea - A Guilty Mind

A Polite Discussion With a Nuke Puke In March of 2011


Arctic releasing twice as much methane as previously thought

Latin America Report: Wind Sweeps Brazil's A-3 Power Auctions

Nissan's Electric Leaf is Profitable

13 Surprising Uses for Dental Floss Around the House.

The Water Cure

These members of Congress are bankrolled by the fracking industry

Alstom Completes World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbine

A 15-Year-Old With A Huge Brain And An Even Bigger Heart Blows MIT Away

Profiles in Courage: Chris Hedges


Scooter That Can Haul Some Serious Cargo, From Lit Motors


19 Year Old Aerospace Student Boyan Slat Invents Cleanup System For Plastic Choking Our Oceans

Your solar panels are probably facing the wrong wayhuhsign.gif

Fuel Cells Studied for Diesel Replacement

Is That Onions You Smell? Or Battery Juice?

TidalStream Seeks Partner to Test Ocean Turbines in Deep Waters

Ancient City Discovered Beneath Biblical-Era Ruins in Israel

How To Purify/ Disinfect Water Using Clorox

Rocket Stove for only FIVE DOLLARS!

Secret of 4 Supreme Court "Justices" (LOL!) EXPOSED!

October 2013 Antarctic ice largest extent since records began in 1979! Does Agelbert have to eat a snowball with his crow? thumb_smiley-sign0105.gif



Averaging the globe as a whole, the temperature across land and ocean surfaces combined during October 2013 was 0.63°C (1.13°F) above the 1901–2000 average of 14.0°C (57.1°F)- the seventh warmest October since records began in 1880. It also marked the 37th consecutive October and 344th consecutive month (more than 28 years) with a global temperature above the 20th century average.

The last below-average October global temperature was October 1976 and the last below-average global temperature for any month was February 1985. The warmest October on record occurred in 2003 when global land and ocean surface temperatures were 0.74°C (1.33°F) above the 20th century average, while the coldest October occurred in 1912 [-0.57°C (-1.03°F)].

October 2013 NOAA global temperature report

Entire Texan town evacuated after pipeline explosionemoticon-object-034.gif

Peter Z. Scheer: A question is “how should people of color respond to the dying of a civilization that has not been civil to them?”

A Famous Columnist Has Trouble Defining Racism. Colbert Eats Him For Dinner!

Why Is Money Green in the United States?

Video on How to Make a Filtering Device for Water Using ONLY Natural Ingredients.19.gif

Book that Reveals The Greatest Predatory Capitalist Crime in History by some of the World's Largest and Most Powerful Corporations!

Global Warming Since 1997 Underestimated by Half!

US Senator Exposes 40 YEARS of Wall Street Journal Lies for Big Oil and other Polluters! Don't miss this 19 minute riveting Video!

Programming the Universe: Are Animals Robots?

Vast Majority of Americans Want Action on Climate Change, Whitehouse Gives Weekly Speech

Fossil Fuels Receive $500 Billion A Year In Government Subsidies Worldwide

The Next Big Innovation in Renewable Energy Won't Be Technological

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Green Building Projects Near 60,000 Globally


Although this discussion of American History, complete with the machine gunning and burning of men, women and children by Rockefeller goons calling themselves the "Colorado Militia" (NOT!) at a miner's strike in Ludlow is given in 1978, you can see ALL the tentacles that were in place THEN proving we are NOT a Representative Republic or a Democracy but, IN REALITY, an Oil Oligarchy. huhsign.gif

How the Rockefeller Oil Empire Turned the WORLD into a Waste Based Society

South Africa: Where Clean Energy is Growing the Fastest

Will India Install Wind Farms off Their Shoreline?

UK Offshore Wind Capacity Rises 80 Percent in One Year

It's getting hotter every year. Don't let the Mendacious Snow Men for the Koch brothers tell you any different. Here are the FACTS.

Global Average Temperature SEPTEMBER 2013

Snowtown II: Wind Power At A Cut-Throat Price!

It has begun.

Every population has sick animals, Gaydos said. … is it an early sign of a large epidemic that may come through and wipe out a lot of animals?

Starfish Along West Coast Are Dying, ‘Star Wasting Disease’

The insurance industry is not taking risks the Fossil Fuelers would have you believe do not exist.
They realize that human-caused climate change has led to increased frequency and severity of extreme and damaging weather. This has created new odds, and insurers are factoring them into their insurance premiums. To ignore what science has demonstrated would be folly in their business.

Gambling with our future

12065737551968208283energie_positive_Wind_Turbine_Green.svg.hi.pngMore Efficient, High wind Strength and Quiet Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) for Distributed Renewable Energy Home Use

What Makes a Great Wind Turbine for Distributed Applications?

South Africa Makes Big Renewable Energy Investment to Eliminate Coal Use emoticon-object-042.gif

South Africa Approves $3.3 Billion of Renewable Energy Projects

Fossil Fuel SATIRE smiley-scared002.gif165fs373950.giftissue.gifshame.gif

Catastrophe! The End of the World! Look at all that POLLUTION!

Profiles in Courage: Harry Schwarts, Anti-Apartheid Hero

Harry Schwarts: A Great Man who founded the Torch Commando Part 1

Learn about his arch enemy, Charles Englelhard, the gold mining tycoon that was the actual person that the evil Goldfinger character was based on and a juicy student plus good faculty versus greedy racist faculty management battle at Harvard! 3ztzsjm.gif


When Russia Defended us From England & France!

Making -lemonade' out of 600 Year Polluting 'lemons'emoticon-object-062.gif

An inspiring story of Win Win Win

Stay Healthy in Seasonal Quick weather changes with this Powerful and Natural Immune System Friend 12107060-illustration-of-a-smiley-giving-a-thumbs-up.jpg
Olive Branch Leaves are Much More than Symbols of Peace 128fs318181.gif

Don't get sucked in by the hyper consumerist, instant gratification crap pushed by the media as cultural icons (e.g. Beer and Pretzels, apple pie, donuts and coffee, etc.). They will destroy your health! 129fs238648.gif


Are museums misleading the public? emoticon-looney-toons-008.gif

Modern Birds Found With Dinosaurshuhsign.gif

12065737551968208283energie_positive_Wind_Turbine_Green.svg.hi.pngAshegoda Wind Farm — Largest Wind Farm In Africa — Now OnlineSmiley-Thumbs-Up2.jpg
3ztzsjm.gifHow to Communicate the Urgency of Required Action to Mitigate Climate Change

Watch this video to learn how dangerously close we are to a PETM (Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum) climate catastrophe:

The Last Hours of Homo SAP

1970s: The decade the Fossil Fuel Industry began the "New Ice Age" Propaganda LIE!

I bring the above to you now because the fossil fuelers are back to their old hysterical propaganda about a "new ice age". lying-smiley.gif

Learn how Big Oil Propaganda always rotates around some fear that appears on the surface to have nothing to do with their dirty energy profits but AMAZINGLY, if we listen to their doubletalk, plays right in to them continuing to massively profit at the planet's expense. They DON'T want us pricing carbon, curtailing the burning of fossil fuels or addressing the health issues and planetary WARMING even though Global Warming and what causes it is no longer debated.

The debate has been over for DECADES but Big Oil is a one trick, double dealing con artist that just does not know when to call it a day BECAUSE they KNOW they do not have a viable or honest business and it can only be sustained by lies and corruption. 3-311013200859.png

Copy and paste this article and use it to shut down the "global cooling" BS wherever it rears its mendacious head.cowboypistol.gif

1970s: The decade the Fossil Fuel Industry began the "New Ice Age" Propaganda LIE!

Solar Industry Rebounds!

Added to the above, now that the 5th largest economic block in the world by GDP has decided to make polluters PAY the REAL price of carbon (see Pacific Northwest States Link with B.C. on Carbon Pricing Pact), ALL Renewable energy competitive financial power has been given ROCKET FUEL! 1225662m3squ1oj6v.gif

19.gif looksmiley.gif emoticon-object-060.gif

Pacific Northwest States Link with B.C. on Carbon Pricing Pact
emoticon-object-098.gif tuzki-bunny-emoticon-022.gif47b20s0.gif

This is REALLY GREAT NEWS! emoticon-object-077.gif

Why am I so happy about this news? Because carbon pricing provides a HUGE BOOST to Renewable Energy technology and civilizational transition AWAY from fossil fuels by revealing the TRUE PRICE of DIRTY ENERGY!

As I said in an article over a year ago, on a level cost benefit playing field, fossil and nuclear fuels have NEVER actually been "cheaper" than renewable energy. It's the massive subsidies (some obvious and several hidden) and tax breaks that has enabled dirty energy to dominate the world energy market.

Carbon pricing is the NEMESIS of fossil fuels! And the sooner the fossil fuel "industries" go bankrupt, THE BETTER! sterb029.gif


The region covered by the Action Plan has a combined GDP of $2.8 trillion—effectively the world’s fifth largest economy.


“California isn't waiting for the rest of the world before it takes action on climate change,” cowboypistol.gif said Governor Brown. “Today, California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia are all joining together to reduce greenhouse gases,” Brown said. balloons.gif

Pacific Northwest States Link with B.C. on Carbon Pricing Pact

Big News from Abengoa, at present the only truly global Ethanol producer.

Abengoa Tests Its Mettle in US Market

Abengoa Bioenergy US Holding, LLC

Among the world's largest makers of ethanol, Abengoa Bioenergy is the only truly global ethanol producer, with more than a dozen plants in the US, Europe, and South America. Its plants have a production capacity of 842 million gallons a year, (400 million gallons Europe, 370 million gallons in the US, and 62 million gallons in Brazil).

The allegedly "dismal" energy outlook without fossil fuels

Read about Duckweed, this exciting renewable energy solution for mankind.balloons.gifemoticon-object-062.gif

Duckweed, the Miracle Biofuel Plant Part 1

The Lies of Big Oillying-smiley.gif

Comments forum with additional Renewable Energy News


What's it all about? What does it cost? To understand energy costs, you must become familiar with the term, "EROEI" (Energy Return On Energy Invested - sometimes second "E" is dropped - EROI - but it means the same thing).

And, OF COURSE, the fossil and nuclear fuel industries massage their EROEI figures to EXCLUDE "externalities" (which ARE ACTUALLY COSTS THAT WE_THE-PEOPLE PAY). But even so, RENEWABLE ENERGY is the EROEI WINNER EVERY TIME.

So why do we have "EROEI energy experts" like the originator of the term, "EROEI", Charles Hall, FALSELY claiming that fossil fuels have a higher EROEI than renewable energy technologies like wind, PV panels and biomass (ethanol and other plant based products replacing hydrocarbon based products)?

Because Professor Charles Hall FAILS, quite conveniently,cherry-picking.jpg to account for the MASSIVE subsidies for fossil and nuclear fuels in the form of direct and indirect subsidies, tax breaks, cheap, government backed insurance and WAR profiteering.wemeantwell-23439-20130307-234.jpg

I question his application of thermodynamics when measuring energy output as well, 301.gif but that is a side issue to the deliberately ignored massive external costs fossil fuelers and nuclear power plant operators pirates5B15D_th.gif MAKE we-the-people PAY (with the government's active cooperation and help). mocantina.gif

Look at the chart below to see how obvious it is that we, not only can, but should switch to a 100% renewable energy civilization as soon as possible. Only the dirty polluting energy providers with a financial motive for such low down tactics as war profiteering and oil price shocks from manufactured scarcity are fighting tooth and nail with every propaganda lie and clever bit of duplicity available to them to convince YOU that this is not so and they are really out to do us all a big favor.thumb_smiley-sign0105.gif

In the above EROI (energy return on investment) chart from 2005, wind was already head and shoulders above the massively subsidized and polluting fossil fuels and nuclear power.

In 2013, improvements in efficiency of PV, solar thermal (CSP), geothermal and undersea turbines have catapulted all these sources of renewable energy to EROI values that fossil and nuclear fuels cannot compete with.

It's over for the polluters. It will just take another ten or fifteen years to flush these poisonous technologies from our lives.

Cleaning up all the damage they wreaked in the last 70 years or so may take about half a century but we will do it or we will perish.301.gif

" The energy return on investment (EROI) can be a good measure for accurate cost analysis of different renewable energy resources. The EROI is calculated by comparing the electricity generated to the amount of primary energy required for manufacture, transport, construction, operation and decommissioning. Wind power offers the highest energy return on investment, as compared to other power generators."


**In regard to alleged overpopulation "problem" and the care of the elderly in world with less working age humans… 3-311013201604.png

From the article titled: Crowded Planet

Published in the September/October 2013 issue of Orion magazine

Andrew: How will countries with declining populations care for all of their elderly?

Alan: It’s an oft-repeated fear that circulates in the business and economic world out there that an aging population is terrible for the world, because there’ll be all these unproductive people and there won’t be enough productive young people paying into the social welfare coffers to take care of them.

Yes, some countries have shrinking populations. But they’re not looking at a situation that goes on into perpetuity, in which they have far more older people than younger people. They’re looking at a generation or so of a bubble where they’re going to have more older people, and then, as that generation dies off, the number of older people and younger people are going to balance out again, and it’s not going to be a problem.

How do they economically get through those bubble years? As an American, I can think of an awful lot of things that my government is spending money on right now that, if it dedicated those monies to taking care of a generation of older people until our population evened out, we’d be a much better society. 128fs318181.gif

I would add that the robot population explosion now taking place makes the lack of available labor by any segment of the population moot. As long as Homo SAP realizes that a decent and environmentally harmonious society must limit the excesses of the rich as well as provide a humane and decent standard of living for all humans, we just might make it.

d2.gifGolden-Pig.jpg Rampant Greed that has fueled and continues to fuel inequality, war, misery, disdain for the biosphere, predatory capitalism and selfish, calloused condemnation of the poor is the main reason for our unsustainable trajectory.

It's not the caloric content. it's the culture of me, myself and I that will destroy us if we don't stop it.

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